One Working Acrylic Storm Window

Our front door was a bit of a poser for putting on a storm window.  The molded handgrips for sliding the bottom pane up and down in summer projected just far enough beyond the lip of the window frame that a solid piece of acrylic wouldn’t fit flush to the frame.

In a thunderbolt of inspiration while waiting patiently on the deck the other night for Kenny and Donna get take off their boots and jackets and make way for me, I realized that I didn’t HAVE to install my acrylic on the inside of the windows!  I could also try the outside!

I took a picture of the window one morning showing all the condensation that had built up.

And condensation where the two panes meet as well.

You can see a fair bit along the bottom edge here.  Note the molded handles that caused some grief.
Then I took another picture the next morning, showing no condensation, even though the mercury was bumping against ten below!
No condensation today!

Yeah!  A win!  Why was it still 14 degrees inside though?

I like the funky green frame!

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