A Major New Draught Found!

The other afternoon while fritzing around in our bedroom, trying to figure out why it was so deathly cold, I cleared out some of the flotsam that had built up below the solar charger and inverter.  It was all part of my overall plan to run some expanding foam along the edges of the floor where it meets the walls, as well as in the corners of rooms where I suspect the air/vapour barrier is less than complete.

Once I got down to the hole in my wall where the battery cables and data cables pass through to the outside of the cabin, I could feel a dramatic breeze blowing through.  Previously I had packed this area with a combination of stone wool and sticky-tack, but I suppose it had broken down and disappeared over the past year or two.  In any case, I grabbed my can of expanding foam and hit it up hard.  I know I’ll have to chip it all away when I want to move these cables, but for now, knowing that there isn’t an actual hole in my wall is worth it!

That should stop the breeze!

As part of the process, I worked my way around the entire bedroom, foaming the crevices anywhere they touched an outside wall.

Right up to the ceiling and across!

While moving the bed, we got to see how the natural wood has faded to show the ghost of our headboard.  Interesting!

This helped to make sure the bed got back in exactly the right spot to put our tables on either side without issue.

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