Industrial Chic Insulated Drapes For Our Log Cabin

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As I outlined a day or two ago – I did up a prototype insulated drape in our bedroom.  I believe it looked and worked decently enough that I had permission to expand and improve the concept.

Early last Friday I was working at Howie’s so I left the house shortly after six a.m. to try to be at Lowe’s in lots of time to get some galvanized pipe cut to size and purchase the fittings.

Imagine my surprise when they had 10′ lengths of 1/2″ pipe and fittings, but they didn’t have a means to cut and thread the pipes to my required sizes!

I decided to kill a few moments by purchasing the fittings I needed, but I passed on the pipes so I could purchase them from Home Depot, where I knew they did have a cutter/threader.

I drove over to Home Depot and thankfully was only about five minutes before they opened.  It was a cold morning so I went inside anyway, but B! down at the contractor entrance blocked my way with friendly banter while I waited for the official store opening.  I later learned that she had made hot chocolate for the staff, but sadly, she didn’t offer me any.

I got to plumbing, but hark!  They didn’t have galvanized 1/2″ pipe!  I offered DM! who was working their whatever he wanted in exchange for letting me bring in outside pipe to get cut and threaded.  I told him I would be back in fifteen minutes.

Embarrassed, I returned to Lowe’s and purchased their last four lengths of pipe, went through the same checkout as earlier, and then headed back AGAIN to Home Depot.  Thank goodness I left myself lots of time!

Chatting extensively with DM! – who, by the way, is a real credit to the Home Depot organization – he cut my pipes exact to size and then walked me out of the store to the truck.

I raced to WalMart and purchased three sets of quilted sheets.  One Queen (for the main patio door) and two Twin (for the large cabin windows).

The next day I got out my random orbital Ryobi One+ sander and froze my hands off buffing the pipes clean of grease marks and oil.

I should have zipped up the sides of my pants!  No wonder I had a chill!

I brought them inside to dry out, and wiped them down with our industrial paper towels.

Almost as long as the whole cabin!

When I was sure that there wasn’t any excessive moisure inside the pipes, I assembled them together and with Donna and Kenny’s assistance, mounted them above the windows and doors.

I was careful to thread the rings on the pipes before screwing them to the walls – amazing foresight for me!

Rings go on before the ends or else…
Lining up to the panelling.  Interesting how the screws would pull in the panelling too – I guess they sagged a bit?
Looks good!
Then we unpacked the quilted sheets and clipped them up.  They transmitted even more light than I expected, but they looked really good and make me feel like we’re saving a few precious energetic molecules of heat each night!

Co-operating with my love.

Now just letting her do all the work.
Now for the big… conceal!

Closeup of the quilting on the comforter.  The other quilts are much tighter stitching so hopefully no sag.

Kenny is perfect for pulling these drapes back and forth!

He’s a born drape model!

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