A Prototype Insulated Drape

Since we’ve moved into the cabin, I’ve thought about some sort of way of insulating the windows either when we’re not around, or when it’s nighttime and we don’t really see much out of them anyway.

Insulated drapes seemed the way to go, but the commercial solutions were frightfully expensive and seemed rather flimsy to me.

The other day I purchased an “inexpensive” quilt in a neutral grey, as well as some curtain rings with clips on them to allow one to clip their own fabric up.

I put in a few hooks above our bedroom door and we tried it out.

Very simple to test the theory.

Even at night though, I could see through this a bit under the light of the full moon.

While the room still was chilly, I mentally insist that it MUST have helped a bit, especially as the window in behind frosted up much more than usual, and so now I’m going to expand and improve the programme to some of the other windows on the main floor.

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