Winterizing the Patio Doors

Last year I fought a bit with large acrylic sheets on the patio doors with limited success.  This year I have decided to return to the Dollarama plastic films to put over the doors.

To facilitate installation, I decided to try to remove the inside handle on the right hand side where it sticks in from the frame significantly.

Unfortunately that left holes open right through the door!  So then I moved to putting the flat handle on the inside (instead of the outside for screen clearance).

Basically I had to take both handles completely apart and mix and match them to get them back together.  It also meant that I could no longer lock the right hand side door.  This wasn’t a big deal to me, as I had already cut some short boards to wedge in the bottom track to hold the doors extra tightly shut.

I also had to remove the spacer on the left side handle that helped it line up better with the latching mechanism.  This actually made the left side door tighten down even more, so that’s a good thing.  I moved the spacer to the right side door where it was required.

Everything seems to have worked out well.  Of course, there is always the law of unintended consequences to rear its head eventually.

When it came time to install the film, instead of installing the two sided tape directly to the door frame, this year I am trying to first install painters tape all around, and then the two sided tape, to see if it makes for easier cleanup.  There are some windows where there are layers of two sided tape on the frames because I have been unable to remove it in the spring.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed again that the painters tape can stand up to a full heating season.

Left inside before.

Right inside before.

Left outside before.

Right outside before.

Removed the extensions before realizing they couldn’t go anywhere else.

You can see the spacer thingy at the bottom of the handle.

Left inside after – only difference is that it no longer has that spacer.  I was still able to tighten it right down nicely.

Left inside is not much more flush to the glass.  But the latch is a problem.

Removed the little latchy part, then turned the plate around so it…

Somewhat filled the slot that it had come out of.

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