Ploughing with the Outlander Again

On Friday, I managed to get both the car and the truck through about 10 cm of snow on the driveway and to the highway.  This was a good thing.

In the morning, I went to the city to do a few paid jobs for my aunt and uncle.  I took the car.

When I returned home, I touched base with KC Auto to see if they had managed to fix my ATV (or “quad” as they seem to be called here in Thunder Bay).

I received a text back that it was finished, and I promptly headed down to retrieve it.

The past two years I have been trying to safen up by using the winch to raise and lower the quad onto and off of the truck.

Still have to get it over the wheel wells though.

As soon as I had it off the truck, I hooked up the plough with some very helpful help from Donna, and proceeded to begin ploughing the driveway in anticipation of B! from Ranta Contracting coming Saturday morning to look over our ill-fitting doors.

It was the first ploughing of the season, so of course, I wanted to push the snow back as far as possible.  And of course, just as B follows A, driving off the edge of the driveway follows my intention to push the banks back further than ever before.

Always trying to push one inch further.

Luckily there are still loads of trees around to attach a bark-friendly strap to help out a fellow in need.

Strapped to protect the tree a bit.

And then a little back and forth with the comealong and we’re set!

And thus, I was back to it, and really only did get stuck once – a new record for the first run of the year!

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