The End of The Dorks.

Kenny has been really into running and timing himself this summer.  He isn’t interested much in doing it in the context of competing against other children, but he sure pushes himself!  He gets really upset if every run isn’t a bit better than the previous one, even though I point out that shortcomings in my ability to press the button on the stopwatch in a timely fashion are probably much bigger influences than anything.

Lately he has also been complaining that the stones in the driveway are more noticeable and interfering with his ability to keep a good pace.

With the first snow of the season, he agreed that not only was it time to retire his Dorks not just for the season, but permanently.  I can see why he is more aware of the stones than previously!

I suppose on a ten year old who wears these things into October each year, it’s understandable that they are a “consumable”.

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