Humanure Hacienda Maintenance

It’s really, really surprising the difference in volume of the compost pile during the winter as compared to the summer.  Last March already I was hefting the buckets well over my head to be able to get them piled on top of the existing material.  I didn’t switch to the other side, and just continued piling, but then the spring arrived, the pile began to shrink, and then accelerated, and now we’ve spent the entire summer STILL piling on the same side of the hacienda and yet the pile is currently about three quarters of the way full.

Pragmatically though, I know that all good things must come to an end, so the other nice day, I mucked out the opposite side of the structure to ensure space this coming winter.

Backing in the ATV gets easier each time.

Making a good dent in the old pile.

You can see that the pile that was overflowing in March is still quite manageable in October.

Donna was accepting of me putting the old compost down at the start of the ravine, where things have gotten very mucky this year due to much increased traffic in that spot as I now use it as a turnaround for the ATV and trailer.

We also discussed the hacienda a bit, and I think we agree the upcoming plan for it would include putting a roof over the top of both sides to keep some of the snow out.  This would hopefully keep the pile from increasing in volume quite as quickly in winter – I believe that we are actually preserving quite a bit of snow by covering it in layers of sawdust until the summer sun can finally penetrate deep into things.

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