First World Woodstove Problems

On a whim last week we purchased a 14″ pre-made pizza at the store to bake next time we ran the stove at the supper hour.

I popped it onto our cast iron flat frying pan, and was chagrined to see that our oven is probably only about 13″ wide.

I ended up creating two extra bread sticks to make things work out.  Oh well, I had some caesar salad dressing that I used as a dip and it was great!

Fits like a glove now!

Extra treats for Daddy, who DIDN’T need them!

I also got to eat most of the pizza, as there were a few hot banana peppers on it, and when Kenny hit one, he aborted his whole meal.

Live and learn – not only do I have to remember to avoid oversize foods in the oven, I also have to tell myself not to eat three quarters of a pizza (and some pumpkin pie later in the evening) if I want to have a restful sleep with fewer bellyaches.

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