An Answer to a Mystery?

So far, to our knowledge, pine boring grubs notwithstanding, we haven’t really had too many critters invade our cabin.  We do what we feel is a pretty good job of keeping food scraps in their proper places, and the space is small enough that there aren’t really any nooks or crannies that don’t get exposed regularly.

There was ONE episode a couple years ago where we discovered a small mole or vole in the thunderbox, but we were unable to ascertain really how it go there.

One possible solution to this mystery did arise a few weeks ago.  It was still warm enough that our bedroom door was open and the screen was allowing in a breeze.  Kenny and I happened to be in the bedroom and heard a quiet noise from the deck that just didn’t sound like something the wind could produce.  Twice I stepped out onto the deck and the sound stopped, I assumed there was a bunny or something similar perhaps under the deck that didn’t want to cause trouble.

Finally, it was time to change the toilet bucket, and that’s when I discovered it…

Kenny remarked “Oh so cute!”

Somehow this little fellow had climbed the wall of the cabin, then dropped down into the bucket.  What an experience!  He had been scrabbling around for a few hours at least, perhaps the most part of a day!

I tipped him out on the steps and encouraged him to live free, free as the wind blows…  Without undue haste, he made his way to the edge of the steps and jumped into the grass, hopefully to return to a relieved family for the season.

Ready to head home with tales of high adventure!

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