Cleaning the Stovepipe again!

In an effort to overcome procrastination and prove to myself that I could still accomplish important chores around the homestead, I awoke a few days ago with the conviction that I would clean out our stovepipe before anything else.  It was a calm, warm, sunny day – no excuses!

As soon as Donna headed down the driveway I assembled my tools, and my son.

We removed everything from around the stove, then carefully removed the access cover from the side.

There was a layer of ash on the lip that I quickly vacuumed up and then moved on to taking before pictures up and down the chimney.

Jiggly camera, but you can still see the ash.
Looking down to the stove.
And looking up!

We put a thick plastic bag over the access, with the first pole of my cleaner sticking through and up.  I hooked up my drill and started my way up while Kenny held the vacuum as close to the hole as he could to catch dust and ash.

We worked our way up and down, and then I stuck the cleaner down the access to the back of the stove.

Finally I opened up the bottom of the stove and vacuumed all the ash that had fallen.  It filled the vacuum a little more than halfway.  Great!

The pile of ash in the stove.

Vacuuming up the mess.

It looks to me like it wasn’t too bad – I don’t see any tarry substance that could be called creosote in my pictures.

Much cleaner!

The local fire chief mentioned that it looks like there was air leaking into the stovepipe based on the lack of ash in the one area – not sure how I can better seal my access?  Thoughts?

Disposable gloves are SO nice for cleanup!

All back together!

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