The Yurts are in a Better Place…

After sheltering us for 18 months, and then serving briefly as guest accommodations, workshop, storage space, and a dojo, the yurts have moved on to a new life – and an exciting one!

Early (nine am?) Friday morning, two weeks past now, the local Forest school and a great group of volunteers showed up to move both yurts, as well as their floors and supports five minutes down the road to a beautiful location close to Surprise Lake.

It was exciting, as well as a bit unnerving.  My primary concern was that no one would be injured.  I remembered how I felt when it was just Grandpa and myself putting up the ring and locking the whole system into place.  It was much nicer to have a crew of brave souls!

It took one day to remove the yurts, and a further (easy) day to remove the floors.

Starting to empty the yurts.
Pulling down the felt and canvas.

Feels so open!  Like a gazebo!
Puzzling over the chimney.
Looks really interesting this way.
Removing the canvas on the smaller yurt.
Everyone pitched in to clean and remove stuff!
Ready to remove the ring on the smaller yurt.
Felt on the larger yurt sliding off.
Down to just the skeleton of the large yurt now.
Many hands make light work!

Moving the floors through the forest to their new home was quite an adventure!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a photographer present for that excitement.

Hide and seek?  Shy?  No flash photography?  I can’t explain this picture.
Covering up the floors for overnight.
Removing the OSB over the seams to let us cut them apart.
Loading up!
Lots of helpers make it go much more safely and smoothly.
Loading up the support beams as well.
And now – a new space!

As of this morning the floors have been leveled and installed in their new home, and I’m still on call to help the yurts to be put up in their new surroundings.

We are so glad they have gone to a good home and good purpose!

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