Super Easy, Portable Raised Garden Beds

One of the projects that we really wanted to do when we first took up the notion of homesteading was to produce a portion of our own food.  So far we’ve not really pursued this aspect of things, especially with so much to do to simply construct the homestead itself!

I have no illusions that food in the grocery store is generally any better or worse than what we ourselves could produce, contrary to what some back-to-the-landers may think, but there is a sense of accomplishment there – and perhaps even a penny to be saved?

Since the installation of the new well, the space between the cabin and the sauna has been pretty desolate.  So much so that last season I began to consider it more of a “rock garden” than even wild/natural terrain.  I also had a stack of pretty weathered two by fours that were not going to be used for anything, and realized that my old battery box would have been an ideal planter – light bulb moment!

Over the past week, Kenny and I have cut the two by fours down to four foot lengths.  Then I have notched them top and bottom to create a two inch wide notch, one inch deep.  This lets them connect together in exactly the same manner as the sauna and cabin.

You can see a bit of newspaper peeking out.

At four feet long, they are very manageable to take down and put up.  It also creates an interior dimension of exactly three by three – very easy to keep weeded and yet still plant a decent amount of stuff.

You can see multiple beds!  I can imagine them heading off into the distance.

After assembling three of the beds, as per Kenny’s request that we all get one, we lay newspaper down to help discourage weeds, and then piled on two trailer loads from our old humanure pile – the compost in there has been percolating for close to two years now, and so should be free from pathogens.

Lots of space for the ATV.

I do plan on amending that by adding potting or topsoil on top of that.  I realize too that it’s late in the season, but better late than never, and we still could probably get some lettuce or radishes to keep Kenny enthused.

So far today he has transplanted some of the weedy flowers in the area into his bed.  Hopefully tomorrow I can purchase some soil to add to my and Donna’s beds.

I am hopeful for how they will work out.  I have kept them far enough apart to get the ATV in between with the trailer.  I also left the top board notched, so they can be added to vertically if we decide we don’t wish to bend over quite so far in the future.

Hopefully future pictures are to come!

Bonus cute toad picture.

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