Pizza Hash Brown Casserole

Kenny was having a bit of a tough few moments this afternoon, thinking about a stressful (to him) event coming up later this week.

As a fellow sufferer of panic attacks and extreme anxiety, I wanted to help him out using one of the go-to tools in my arsenal – distraction.

I asked him to come downstairs, cuddled with him and reassured him for a few moments, then hopped up and decided to continue doing dishes, while getting him to put together our supper for tonight.

First up I had him grease the slow cooker pot with some grapeseed oil, although I gave him the option to use peanut if he’d prefer, but he didn’t think it made a difference.

Then he dumped in the hash browns.

Frozen hash browns as the base.

Next, some salsa.

Mama’s favourite condiment – SALSA!

Followed by nacho cheese dip.  About half of the smaller jar.  The rest gets set aside for real dipping of nachos.

Nacho cheese.  A guilty pleasure for our whole household.

I suggested lots of mozarella cheese, as well as the last of some plain yogurt we had.  Then pepperoni and some spices (including nacho cheese popcorn spice).

Now we’re getting somewhere!

Kenny mixed it all together and was ready to smile for the camera by this point.

Feeling better now that he’s on a mission.  🙂

Then he took the camera to take a picture of me checking the computer, as well as a picture of my butt.

At first I wondered about the physics of this position, then realized I had my other leg extended out behind me.

I asked him to cover up the casserole with more mozarella – I told him to pretend the dish was poo in the toilet, and the cheese was sawdust – I wanted a good blanket!

A good amount of cheese.  Has anyone EVER said “Oh, this dish has too much cheese”?!

He then set up the cooker, and put the pot into it on low.

Like lobsters in the pot!  Note the extra cheese on Aunt Vicki’s placemat.  Daddy can clean that up.

Talk about some real-world applied knowledge!  We often bake together, but this was one of the first meals he’s helped with that didn’t use any measurements.

Cook faster you slow cooker!

So hungry now!

Minutes before the bowl was empty – it was FANTASTIC!!!

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