Starting to Trim Some Windows

My excitement to post this is tempered with the fact that I didn’t tell Donna I had done the work, and she took an extended sauna last night, and didn’t even notice the change!

In any case, after working on the aeration of the pond and well, I really wanted to at least make a start on trim work around the homestead, something I’ve left on the back burner.

I decided to begin in the sauna, and test out some thoughts there.

First up I put some sill gasket all the way around – I thought that this may seal up any slight leaks.  Sober second thought makes me think that caulking the seams under the trim may be a better use of my time though.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.
And some more.

Then I put on the outer trim all around.  I used simple butt joints here – I don’t mind the look of them.  I only tacked this up with a few brad nails – I have something more substantial in mind as the project progresses.

The first board.

Then I used a slightly thinner, narrower and more finished fence board to put in a sill.

I continued to use the fence boards to trim around – instead of having the outer trim cover the edge of the casing, I instead had the casing extend out from the trim slightly (by measuring around the window depth all the way around and basing my width on the deepest spot).  I’m hoping that this will hide the fact that my log walls are quite wavy in places.

Of course, I didn’t think completely ahead and ended up one board short for my first experiment.

And one board short.  Note the dark area on the wall where I always end up leaning when taking steam.

Due to this, I went outside and removed one of the original outer trim boards to begin thinking about the outside trim as well.  That’s when I really decided that caulking was the best tool for the job, and I couldn’t find my caulk or the gun.

And outside.  You can see where steam has escaped over the years due to lack of good seal.  We’ll see how it goes in future.

I’ll try to post updates as the work progresses.

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