Improving the Aeration of my Goldfish Pond

Stunning as the survival of two goldfish was this past winter, I still would like to believe that we can keep this up going forward.

I purchased a dozen new fish to add to our pond a couple weeks ago, although within the first hour we lost one, and the next day, found another floating belly up.

The remainders dove deep and only in the past few days have we begun seeing them poking around at the edges of the pond.

Today was a lovely, sunny day, so I decided to finally make use of the spare solar panel and pump aerator I had purchased in the fall (but which arrived too late to be able to install).

Previously at our well, I had put the pump inside a small plastic box.  This time I decided to be more frugal and pulled out the jar and lid from a recent nacho cheese indulgence.  These actually appear as though they may work even better.

Mmmm, Nacho Cheese.

I was able to drill a nice sized hole through the lid.

Next time I should clamp the lid before I drill.

Then, used my needlenose pliers to fold over the edge so it wasn’t in danger of abrading the power cable or air hose.

Making sure the edges aren’t too abrasive.

I inserted the pump and screwed the lid on tight.  It looked really great!

Looks pretty good to me actually.
We took it down to the pond and dropped it in – it worked really well – I placed the aeration stone under the existing trough, to keep all the disturbance in the pond in one specific place.
Bubbling like mad!

I simply laid the solar panel on a nearby rock, and then decided to waterproof the connection between the solar panel and the pump.

Nothing too fancy, tried to tuck the jar down between the rocks.
A simple way of waterproofing the contacts.

This worked so well, I sanded the contacts of the pump and panel at the well, and then did the same hot glue waterproofing there.

Added some water sealant to the entry point of the air hose as well.
These contacts were in rough shape after the winter – I sanded them for better conduction before waterproofing.

I was really tickled with how well it all turned out!  It will be interesting to see just how long the aerator is able to keep a bit of the pond ice free for longer – and if there is a commensurate increase in fish survival.

Stay tuned!

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