Quick Update to my Water Tank Sight Tube

With the amount of iron in our water, our sight tube for the kitchen water tank seemed to get cloudy fairly quickly.  I’ve been removing and discarding the entire tube every couple of times I scrub the whole kitchen down.

It was always a hassle though, I had mounted it with brackets and screws.

First I had switched it to a threaded connector to make it a bit easier to replace, but I still had to back out the screws each time, and then re-tighten them.  I worry that over time, they would strip and no longer hold very well.

So this time around, I replaced the two brackets I previously used with four eye hooks that were large enough that the hose could easily slip through them, while at the same time, it was tight enough that the hose wouldn’t fall out on its own.

Looks nice and clean!
Much nicer to work with.

Unfortunately, I must have done something to the LED strip in behind, and now it doesn’t work.  Sigh.  Time to order a new one.

Rats, no longer glowing!

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