Straightening up the Woodshed – Creative Repurposing.

As the winter progressed, I began to notice that the woodshed had a slight lean to it.  I believe I’m the only one who noticed, but putting a level on it eventually revealed that the top had twisted about two inches out of square.

Hard to see, but the top is a bit to the right of the bottom.  Also very pleased to see that there are still more than two rows of dry wood left at the tail end of the burning season!

I think that this was mostly a natural development based on subtleties that I couldn’t possibly comprehend.  It could also be suggested that the pile of wood on the outside of that corner had perhaps shifted it.  I had already had difficulties with that outside pile being self-supporting.

I was having a hard time picturing a way to straighten it up.  The side that needed the bracing was also the side that had my doorway in it, and most of Grandpa’s suggestions, as well as my own ponderings, pictured a diagonal brace from the top corner of one wall to the opposite lower corner of the same wall – this would have the brace passing through the door frame.

I could have put in a shorter brace starting at the door, but I figured that this would have little power to resist the lean.

Helping to clear the work area.
More clearing.

Then I began thinking in terms of metal brackets, and my mind expanded.  Cheaper than brackets were regular old measuring squares from the local “economy” tools shop – Tool Town!

I drilled out several new holes in the squares on the cabin deck, and then used the ATV’s winch to pull the corner back straight.

A good drill bit makes a world of difference.

First check to see how bad things are.
Now a bit of creaky pulling.  Don’t stand under it right now!
Checking again.  Looks good!

With a bit of finagling, I was able to put the squares in opposite corners of the shed without too much fuss, and then released the winch cable.

Fastening the squares in place.

The woodshed settled back slightly, but I can see that it is now probably only about an inch out of square.  I feel that’s likely acceptable for a woodshed, and also likely more square than the cabin!

Bottom left checking in – looks good!
Top right checking in – a-ok here!

I think I am also seeing a similar twist in the perpendicular plane – so I’ll likely buy up a few more cheap squares to use as brackets.  No sense in letting such a clever idea go to waste!

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