Repairing an Ecofan Revisited – Reviewing the Replacement Motor Kit

So, as you know, I took a crack at getting our stovetop fan to run a little more energetically a few months ago.  Unfortunately, the fan has continued to underwhelm with its’ performance – so I decided it was time to replace the motor.

A bit of online research revealed that here in Canada, by a fair stretch the best place to purchase a replacement motor is Home Hardware.  While it is available from Amazon, it isn’t nearly as good a price – and I was able to pick it up directly from Home Hardware on a trip to the city.

So after the fan cooled off yesterday, I assembled what I thought were the appropriate tools, and my backup photographer (Kenny) began snapping away.

Soldering iron, new motor kit, fan, and some solder.

Luckily the kit comes with a tiny hex key to remove the fan blade.

What trickery is this?  A connector for the motor?  I trotted out the soldering iron and solder for naught?

The fan blade removed.  It was later scrubbed in the sink to thoroughly remove the dust.

Out with the old.  They sent new screws with the new motor, but that was unneeded.

And in with the new.

Plugging in the connector was surprisingly challenging.  Not much slack in the wires.

Note the fine hex wrench/allen key in the lower left of the picture.

It was faster to hand tighten the screws until they were snug before using the screwdriver.  American Philips screws suck.

Fan blade back in place.

I am very happy to report that she’s spinning fast and furious now!  If only we weren’t being subjected to another blast of winter at the moment…  :'(  Donna may not get back home to us for TWO consecutive nights.  What will we do with ourselves?!

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