Overwintering Goldfish in a Northern Ontario Pond

Whelp, I was intending to install a bubbler in our pond similar to the one I have put in our well.  Unfortunately my shipping times from my Chinese distributor of electronics have grown noticeably over the past year, and by the time both the solar panel and the bubbler arrived, the pond had frozen over.  I wrote off my fish and figured I would redo the system this year.

As the ice melted this spring, I was chagrined to note two fish belly up.  Grandpa later reported that he had managed to fish (pardon the pun) them out and as he reached for a third, it swam away from him!

Of course, this was before his cataract surgery, so I took the report with a grain of salt.  Imagine my surprise when Kenny later confirmed that he saw a swimming fish too!

At last, I confirmed it with my own eyes – and not just one, but TWO fish to boot!

Awesomely, our family photographer managed to capture our survivors – amazing to think that they were buried under inches of ice for four months and managed to stick it out.

Not one, but TWO fish out of our original fifteen!

I still plan on adding the bubbler for increased comfort and survivability, as well as perhaps adding another bag of goldfish in the next little while.  I wonder though, will the big fish eat the little ones?  Are goldfish a bit cannibalistic?  I thought I saw some of the bigger ones chasing the smaller ones last summer already.

Also making an appearance in our pond this year – at least three very noisy frogs!  I wonder if one of them is grumpy frog.

Can you find the frog in this picture?

Or is this one easier to spot?

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