Addendum to Acrylic Storm Windows

I am generally pleased with the performance of the acrylic as storm windows.  One issue that arose shortly afterwards was that the inward air pressure caused the tape on them to pull free down the centre and they began to bulge into the room.

After a short while it became apparent that I wouldn’t be able to push the tape back against the door panels and I started to puzzle out a way to return the acrylic to a more vertical orientation for both aesthetic as well as long term structural reasons.
You can see how much they are sagging out from the door.
I decided that likely a nice piece of wide aluminum flat stock would be able to be wedged into the door frame top to bottom, holding the edges of the acrylic in place, and covering the gap between them.
And without the tape it’s even more pronounced.
Kenny and I hit up Lowes a few days ago and eventually found our way to the flat stock supplies.
Unfortunately, as soon as I lifted a 7′ section, I realized that it had no more integrity than the acrylic sheet did.
A square cross-section was much, much stiffer, but would have been hard to incorporate into any sort of “smooth” finish to the project.
Just as I was about to give up on that avenue, I saw that there was a fine “channel” designed to edge plywood – but it could just as easily edge my acrylic!  I bought two pieces and headed for home.
Today I cut it down to 74 1/2″ so that it would fit perfectly between the top and bottom of my door frames.
I managed to get it on one piece, and hoped that taping over it to the other piece of acrylic would provide enough support, but was quickly dissuaded of that notion.
The near side has channel, but it’s not enough to support both panels.
I installed the second piece on the second piece of acrylic and then put two runs of tape over top to hold them in place and create an air seal.
Straight as an arrow now!
So far, they look much neater and hopefully this will prevent the acrylic from taking on any long-term sag.

Much more neat and tidy looking!

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