Small Scale Solar Power Pulling its Weight Today

Just thought I’d throw up a couple of pictures and a blurb about our solar power system this afternoon.

I ran the generator this morning as it called for flurries off and on today, but around lunch the sun came out and the skies cleared, so I shut it off and gave the panels a really thorough sweeping.

Right now you can see that the batteries are in absorption.

Pulling down close to 1200 watts!

And on the wall, you can see that the temperature has come up from 17.7 around lunch, to (as I type this) 19.4.

Chilly outside, but not bad inside.

I don’t know if I can attribute that to the sun outside (where it’s -17.1 in the shade), or to the space heater that I plugged in and is running in spite of the fridge, internet and laptops all drawing juice.

This little heater only does 400/800 watts.  Not enough to heat the cabin, but if I point it at the thermometer…

I’m pretty happy about this!  It’s like money and heat in the bank!

Bright sun, but still pretty low in the sky.

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