Replacing the Sight Glass Hose on my Water Tank

It appears that nylon hose seems to fog up or get clogged up over time when you have water as hard as ours is.

You can see where the water reaches quite easily.

I’ve come to accept that it’s a “consumable” now, so with my latest replacement of the hose, I decided to try to make it easier in future by adding a threaded connector to it.

You can see the single drop of water here.  Should have added tape to that connection.

I also used the included tape on the LED light strip to mount it to the wall behind the hose.

Looks so awesome!  A lightsabre!
Now with the new setup, I only need about four and a half feet of hose each time I replace it.  As I can buy it in ten foot lengths, that means I can get two lengths out of it with very little waste.  This is a nice thing.

I didn’t use teflon tape on the threaded connector here – It drips VERY slowly, so I’ll add that in the next day or two.  I wonder if even a bit of peanut oil on the threads would be sufficient.

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