Warming up the Cabin After Christmas Break

After a lovely time with my parents in Waterloo, we returned from Christmas holidays to the cabin on New Year’s Day.

Grandpa had started a fire in the morning, but it had long since gone out by the time I arrived.

Only 7 below isn’t bad either.  It’s currently about -27 as I type this!

I promptly started a fire and was able to have the cabin inhabitable by that night – although as always, it cooled off quickly again overnight, but after a day I believe we had it mostly warmed up.

There were a couple of nice blessings.  Grandpa had shovelled or swept off the bottom few solar panels while we were gone – when I arrived on a sunny day, the top panels had cleared themselves as well, so we were getting decent production.  I had fully charged the batteries the day we left, and so they were still full as I had shut off the power while we were gone.  That was nice.

After reinstalling the whole house filter, water pumped immediately!  The well hadn’t frozen in a week of disuse!  I can’t really know whether to attribute this to the bubbler I had installed in the fall, or if there was enough snow on the wellhead to insulate it appropriately.  Either way, that was a tremendous boon!

Interestingly enough, the water line between the bathroom and the kitchen must have a dip in it that collects water, as the bathroom sink didn’t run water for two days.  I guess it took that long to thaw the water line down in the floor.  Something to keep in mind I guess.

Now that Kenny’s birthday activities have finished up, it’s time to get settled in to the remainder of winter.  At least the days are getting longer and longer, and the consistently grey skies should be behind us for the most part.  I’ve been running both generators much more than in the past, and that’s also helped to keep us more comfortable.  I’ve even been able to run our tiny space heater on low on a particularly sunny day when the batteries were already mostly charged.

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