A Chilly December Afternoon

I had to meet an inspector in the city at Mummu and Grandpa’s future home, so Kenny went to their place.

After that I went straight to an IT call out towards Hawkeye Lake with a really nice new client.

By the time I got back to the cabin, this is what Kenny and I had to deal with: 10.5 degrees Celsius indoors!

My friend JC! particularly likes the sad emoji.

It’s now almost three hours later and up to 21.3 degrees inside.  I’ll let my editor say if we need to keep stoking the fire.

[Editor: Sorry I missed posting this at the time it was written. I think we did keep stoking the fire, because the night got progressively colder. Some nights since then have gone down to -28 and -30 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, even with the fire going out at night, the morning temperature indoors was never colder than this.
Now the temperatures are mild again; it’s only -7.8 degrees outside today before dawn.
As you can tell, temperature becomes really important when living simply on a homestead!)

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