A Quick Transition Repair to the Sauna Floor

The parging in the sauna floor has performed very well over the past few years since the C! family helped us to update it from the craptacular finish I had originally attempted to use.

But as was its wont, it cracked and crumbled at the edge where it ran thin as it transitioned into the change room.

Finally I bought some grey caulking, and goobered up the area.  Using my finger as a trowel, I tried to get it to resemble the original parging as much as possible.

I think I did a pretty good job for such a situation.  The next day though, it still hadn’t dried while we took sauna.  I kept the sauna curtain open to try to warm up the whole building and give it more time to dry correctly.  Hopefully by tomorrow’s sauna it will be able to withstand someone treading on it.

You can see where the parging has broken away.

Lots spread in to cover the gap.

And made to look more like the original!

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