Total Replacement of my Well Aeration System

Whelp, me not so smart.

For starters, the Chinese bubbler was awesomely cheap and worked well for such low power.  It also was stunningly poorly constructed.

On top of the shoddy quality, I foolishly installed the pump INSIDE the well.  So after only a few days, it rusted completely out and died a premature death.

I ordered a second one (for the fish pond), so when it arrived, I decided to try to use it for the well (our priority) but with a better setup to protect it.

First off, I checked over the connections.  I thought the first ones were bad, these left me gobsmacked.  The wires were stripped back all the way to the main sheath, and then twisted together.  I mean…  I can’t even…

Assembling my equipment.

I untwisted them, wrapped them in electrical tape, and then used a glue gun to cover the entire shebang.

Trying to insulate with electrical tape.
Hopefully the wires are well separated now.

Hot glue for the win?

Then I took a small container, and drilled holes in each end of it to accommodate the USB cable and the air hose.  This container was a plastic Lock N Lock style item, which should hopefully protect the pump a bit better.

A quick test fit.
This looks to be the right bit.

So far so good.

A perfect fit!

A larger hole down here for the USB plug.

Everything still fitting well.

Doubled up the length of the hose, and added the pump mounts to make it firmer in the box.

Everything assembled at the well.

I then purchased a cork that better fit the hole and air hose.

So now I put the pump just outside the rim of the well, and ran the air hose through the casing and into the well.  I also connected the two hoses together to allow it to sink even further into the well.

Hose is in the well now.

Looking good!

Finally I hooked it up to a solar panel, which under full sun powers it just fine.

We have bubbles!

At the moment, the whole works is on hold, as it is covered in snow.  I have ordered a mount for the solar panel that I believe will hold the panel up out of the snow.  We’ll see.   But in the meantime, my concept has been proven (although the jury is still very much out on whether or not it actually helps with the iron content in the water, which I haven’t seen a real reduction in…)

Meanwhile, the pond was frozen over!

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