Faulty Lithium Batteries

So I was cleaning out our bedroom the other day, and happened to find underneath some components, a cheap Android tablet I purchased a year or two ago for Donna to try out (and maybe for Kenny to favour over the iPad or netbook).  It had gradually been getting flakier and flakier, and I knew the last time I used it, it appeared that someone had sat on it or something, as the back cover had popped partially off and took a bit of effort to snap back on.

When I picked it up this time, it was completely apart in layers.  Screen, front cover, circuit board and back cover were all simply stacked on one another.  This was really odd.  I couldn’t figure out how it had happened spontaneously.

I brought it out into the kitchen and lay out the components on the table.  That’s when I noticed the batteries…

One of these batteries is not like the other.

Pretty poofy!

No wonder the tablet no longer took a charge!  Straight to e-waste recycling it went!

Here are a couple of bonus super-moon pictures.

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