Whoops! ATV Almost Squished by a Falling Tree!

With the woodshed full of this year’s wood, I’ve been trying to get way ahead of the curve and have most of next year’s wood already put up.  One of the things I’ve been striving to do has been to get more birch into the mix, to see if it really burns so much better than the spruce and pine that I have been burning the past three or four years.

As such, as soon as I see a birch that has died, I try to cut it down and process it as soon as possible.  I found one close to the trail a week or two ago, and then tried to get it in one free morning.

Unfortunately it leaned away from the trail.  I thought I’d be clever and use the winch on the ATV to try to cause it to fall “uphill” and into an easier to access position.  I didn’t expect a) that the tree could reach the ATV, and b) that it would really fall very much towards the ATV.

Obviously I was incorrect on both counts.  As I saw it start to come over, I exclaimed “crumbs!” and rushed off perpendicular to the motion of the tree.  Luckily it only brushed up against the ATV as it came to rest.  I had to cut it up to be able to get back on the trail, but it was a valuable lesson.

Just brushing up against it.

I guess it COULD reach the ATV.

Rats, the trail is blocked this direction.  Time to cut it up!

Returning with my spoils after all.

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