Installing Privacy Film on our Sauna Windows

So we’ve had the sauna for a number of years now and have become quite comfortable using it “in the buff” so to speak.  Of course, Mummu and Grandpa are really the only neighbours we would ever expect to drop in from behind the sauna (one of the paths to their place runs alongside and behind the building).

While neither of us are particularly enthused by the thought of bumping into one another while we are using the sauna, it works well because Mummu and Grandpa don’t usually visit via that path after midafternoon – and we always take sauna around the supper hour.

Even with that arrangement, we were cognizant of how guests may feel, or future situations, or simply wanting to feel a bit more private.  As such, I ordered some window film from ProMark a year or two ago, and finally got around to installing it the other day with Kenny’s assistance.

First we washed the windows on the patio doors as well as we possibly could.  I razored the entire surface with a small, 1″ razor blade, although if I was doing a larger area, I’d probably opt for a 4″ wallpaper scraper, or even a 6″ blade if I could find one.

Then I cut the film approximately to size, and had Kenny peel off the liner sheet while I held the film up in midair.  He then spritzed it with water containing a little bit of dish soap.  He did the same with the patio doors.

Peeling off the liner.

Spraying the exposed adhesive.
A firm squeegee to really adhere the film.
I applied the film to the doors, adjusted it up and down until both sides exposed exactly 12″ of glass at the bottom, and then squeegeed the back of it to start to stick it to the glass.  A quick pass with a sharp utility knife and guide down each side, and then a further hard squeegee and we were set!  I repeated it on the second pane, and then checked the nipple/knee coverage.  With the film being 36″ wide, I installed it “sideways” and had a nice straight edge already available on the top and bottom.  So now it was obscured from 12″ up, to 48″ up.  That should give good privacy to the majority of the population.

Getting Kenny’s approval.
Getting ready to install the second piece.

No pictures of it being put to use unfortunately.  Use your imagination!

Posing with the fruits of our labour.

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