Improving the Sight “Glass” on our Water Tank

I replaced the sight hose on our water tank system this spring, as the old one had gradually become very cloudy and was nearly impossible to see through after six months of use.

Notice my use of the word gradually.

After only a week or two in service, the new hose turned quickly and dramatically cloudy.  It wasn’t due to the iron in the water this time I don’t believe.  Perhaps me bleaching the well had done it?  I’m not sure if chlorine will degrade nylon hose or not, I guess that’s a question for Google.

In any case, it went cloudy, and so for the summer Donna has been resorting to shining a flashlight at the hose any time she wishes to determine whether or not she has enough water for her purposes.

Channeling Donna.

I’m much more lazy.  When the water stops running, I pump for five minutes, which I already know to be about 3/4 or 7/8 of the tank.

Not my usual technique.

But I also am a caring husband, and even if I don’t always demonstrate it, I’m constantly thinking about ways to make Donna happier and more comfortable.

Today I think I came up with a possible solution.

I ordered from my distributor a short (approximately metre long) LED string of lights that plugs into a USB port.  I also ordered an extension cord/power bar that has some USB ports built in.  The final component arrived today and I combined them and plugged them in.

Imagine my excitement when they lit up like Christmas lights.  Flashing blue, green, red in ever more dramatic patterns.  This was not on.

Kenny and I fumbled with the buttons, eventually deciding that solid blue/green would probably be the least disruptive combination.

I set up the ladder, and mounted the lights in behind the sight hose.

This is more like it!  A high tech solution to a simple problem!

Now you can much more clearly see the water line, but to finish things off properly, I am going to purchase a fresh hose.  Perhaps from Home Depot again like the first one (the second one was from Canadian Tire) – and hopefully have better luck.

With great pride.  Thanks to Kenny for taking all the photos in this post!

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