Total Replacement of my Well Aeration System

Whelp, me not so smart. For starters, the Chinese bubbler was awesomely cheap and worked well for such low power.  It also was stunningly poorly constructed. On top of the shoddy quality, I foolishly installed the pump INSIDE the well.  So after only a few days, it rusted completely out and died a premature death. … Read more

Popping Corn on a Woodstove (or Induction Cooker)

We’ve been enjoying popcorn quite a bit lately.  I have been experimenting with some of those “Kernels” flavours you can purchase at the store, and have actually found my favourite to be just something called “butter salt” or “popcorn salt” from the local bulk store.  It makes my popcorn taste just like theatre popcorn…  A … Read more