A Tale of Two Vacuum Bottles: Stanley vs. Panesor

Now that we have officially transitioned from the season of plentiful electricity to the season of wood fires and supplemental butane burning, it has become very, very helpful to be able to carry hot water from one of our burn times through to a time when it is required.

Usually now we are having a fire in the morning, and then another one to prepare supper and carry us into the evening.  While these are also good times for doing dishes, sometimes it is nice to do the dishes while we await the fire to warm up.  It’s at these times that we really want a good vacuum bottle (or “thermos”) to carry us through.
From Kitchener we brought a generic bottle that I believe we purchased at Canadian Tire.  It actually worked very well.  Two quirks – it had a “snap” cap that allowed you to pour through the cap by snapping up a spring loaded ring in the centre.  I don’t understand this idea – when we used it with anything other than water, it was nearly impossible to clean all the mechanism inside!  It was a real horror with hot chocolate!
The original, it has served us well.  Note the lid with integrated ring pourer.
Kenny will also attest to the annoyance at how, when full of hot water, it will soon begin to squeal and hiss as the steam tries to escape through the spring closed lid.
Some time after we moved here, I opted to purchase an official “Stanley” one litre thermos that has been a rock solid performer.  We save it for our hot potable water, and I find that it is still more than hot enough to use to make steaming tea over twelve hours after being filled (usually first thing in the morning before the stove has had time to warm up).  I will allow my editor to remark here on whether or not her morning coffee is acceptably warm from the thermos water in the morning. [Ed.: It’s warm enough if I drink it very soon after pouring.]

This is our current tea/coffee water thermos.  Performs like a champ.
This summer, in an effort to move past the old spring loaded hisser, I researched on Amazon and came across this item: 
Unfortunately, for the past month it has totally failed to keep water warm overnight.  I believe the lid, which is only a cap on a hinge that pivots into position, is insufficient to keep the steam in.

Enter the Stanley Growler:

Now we’re talking!  Check out the latching lid!
After only one night, it seems to be an obviously better suited product for our needs.  Part of me pines for the fact that it is designed instead to carry beer and keep it cold and drinkable for an extended time.  Instead, the levered, LOCKING lid is being pressed into service to keep the heat in.
It worked very well last night – I still had to temper it with cold water when I went to use it to wash dishes this morning, something that never occurred even with the previous carafe in a brand new state.
I have to say that if it keeps up, we are going to be a committed Stanley family very soon.
Bonus picture of my own travel mug:

Didn’t even think about it until after I finished typing up the post – another Stanley!

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