Adding a Heat Shield to the Sauna

With the new tile work around the inside and outside of the sauna stove complete, and much of the trim, it was time to add the heat shield on the inside.  This should also protect the walls a bit from thrown water, which can tend to stain the walls with drops or water spots.

Leftover from the installation of the heat shield behind our kitchen stove were two sheets of the same black industrial profile.  They were well sized for the operation, although I learned I did have to cut down the smaller one in order to fit it above the stove opening.

Once cut to size (no pictures of me doing this – it makes a terrible noise and Kenny made himself scarce while it was going on) I drilled some pilot holes where it would line up with some aluminum square stock I had set aside just for this project.

Drilling out holes to line up with my aluminum channel.

It was a bit of an effort to keep everything aligned as I screwed it to the wall.  I managed to get the larger sheet on more easily as there was plenty of space between the stove and the wall for it.

The smaller sheet over the area where the stove passes through the wall to the outside of the sauna was a fair bit larger challenge.  I refrained from cursing excessively as I tried to keep the aluminum channel on the screws, while fitting the sheet of steel between the front of the stove and the wall.  It was a very tight fit.  The steel touches the top front edge of the stove, but I don’t think it should be an issue.

Let me assure you this was a challenging fit.
Getting closer.  Still tight at the front!
And nearly there.
With it in place, I proceeded to replace the water tank on the back of the stove.

Replacing the water tank.  Trying to get it tight to the stove so the water heats up more quickly.
There, looking better now.

Then I got the sauna in a condition so that we could use it tonight – always a highlight!  Interestingly today Kenny filled out his question and answer journal, describing the sauna as something he use to dislike, but now is coming around to liking.  That’s a breakthrough!  Perhaps because I indulge him in extended Minecraft conversations while we are taking steam there.

Filling up a bucket with some water.  The sauna well is still flowing fine.
And pouring it into the tank.
Now to top up the bucket for throwing steam.
Laying out a towel so we don’t have to sit directly on the wooden bench.

As we were leaving, I asked Kenny to snap a few pictures of the floor in the change room.  I’ve put down some vinyl planks there that I am rather proud of.  Donna is less impressed with them, philosophically preferring a more natural material.  I am trying to be pragmatic, and seeing that they will likely do a better job of shedding any water they encounter, as well as wearing better in the long run.  They also can be installed without the tremendous disruption that would accompany sanding, staining and varnishing a traditional floor.

I think it looks okay from here.
You can see where the parging has chipped away a bit here.  I plan on goobering this area up with some grey silicone.
A better view of the edge of the parging.

Finally, they are easy to repair or replace if the need ever arose.  We’ll have to have ongoing discussion about whether or not they would be an appropriate material in our main cabin.

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