Simple Cedar Shelves

Back in Kitchener, I found having extra pegs in the bedroom for hanging clothes was invaluable.  Donna and I both like to wear clothes more than once before tossing them in the laundry if they are still clean, and having a place to hang them to ensure they are aired and dried is a real bonus.

As such, in the bedrooms I built some really long shelves that had pegs spaced out underneath them, so that we had the ability to display some mementos as well as hang up clothes and other items.

The design that I used seemed to work for me right away, and so here at the homestead years later, I copied it nearly identically.

I purchased a few cedar “fence boards” that were about 5/8″ by 6″ x 6′.  I dusted off my router, which I hadn’t used since trying to groove the beams of the cabin, and put a groove one inch in from the edge of a board.  Then I tapped the next board into it at a right angle, along with a bit of glue.  I predrilled some holes from the back into the edge of the “shelf” board, and screwed it to ensure a tight fit.

Then I cut some small triangles to act as braces, and installed them about two or three inches in from each end, underneath the shelf, but against the first backer board.  Now the shelf was a stable, single unit.

Every six inches along the backer board, under the shelf, I drilled a 3/8″ hole at a bit of an eyeballed angle (angled down towards the back).  Then I cut up a 3/8″ dowel at 1 3/4″ lengths.  I lightly sanded one end of each dowel, applied a little glue to the other end, and tapped them into the holes so they angled up away from the backer board.

With Donna and Kenny eyeballing the level, I installed one in the kitchen above the electrical conduit.  Yesterday I drilled two holes through the shelf itself from below, and installed our LED puck lights with all the wiring up above resting on the shelf.  I added some pictures and hung a few kitchen items, and I think it looks really nice and functional.

Screwing it in through the top of the backer board.  No screws visible from down below.
Fits perfectly between the support for the landing and the sight hose on the water tank.

Now with hidden wires, mounted lights, pictures and bananas.

In the bedroom I put up another shelf, but this time I simply left the puck lights on top, facing up, so all the light is reflected.  LED lights are VERY bright and glare-y to look at directly, so I felt that in the bedroom it would be best to have a more subdued lighting.

Things were almost up and hanging before the shelf was screwed in!

Again, I placed some pictures and items up on this shelf, helping to relieve the overloaded top rack of our shelving at the end of the bed.

All in all, they turned out very well.  I am planning on making two or three more now – some smaller ones for the upstairs bedrooms, and perhaps a very tiny one for in the bathroom to allow Mama to hang some clothes while she’s doing her routine in there.

Gosh, now that puts me in a mind to make even one more for in sauna…

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