Mucking out the Humanure Pile

As the weather gets colder, I have been increasingly aware of the humanure pile freezing up for another season.

This past summer I had been emptying our buckets into a smaller trailer I had purchased LAST year for just this purpose.  I was unimpressed with having to muck out the entire half of the hacienda in one go.

Donna wasn’t a fan of the small trailer experiment.  She felt that we were emptying out perfectly good “pre” compost down into the ravine – I can’t say I entirely disagreed, although because it was my idea, I was willing to try to nurture it a bit more.

In the end though, I think I agree.  It has never been easy to empty the trailer.

Yesterday I decided to empty it once again in the ravine.  It wasn’t all that fun.  Then I returned to the hacienda to begin mucking out the pile that was left from two years ago (I alternate between the two halves each year).  This was not bad at all really.  It just took about 6 or 7 trips, that’s all, but I put on a podcast and my headphones, and found an easier and easier system each trip.

Eventually I came down to filling the trailer, taking it out into the wilds beyond our garden, and simply opening the back of the trailer and dumping it.  Then I would drive around in a loop back to the beginning of my trail, where I would replace the back of the trailer and lock it horizontal for another trip to the humanure hacienda.

Hard to tell this isn’t normal soil – just dumped in the low areas around the garden.
Another view of the trench I was filling.

This was not an unpleasant job at all, and didn’t take overly long in the grand scheme of things.  As such, I think that going forward, this will be my choice for how to deal with things.  Now I have a smaller trailer that can be dedicated for this task, plus perhaps smaller loads that I want to dump.

Emptying out the left hand (2 year old) side. 
Emptied – plus one fresh “dump” from the cabin. 
A year old – and tonnes of volunteer tomatoes!

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