A Bit More Winter Wood

A few days ago, Grandpa declared that he was going to put in a new, short side trail to some jack pines that had been killed by a porcupine.

Yesterday he finished the trail and cut up some smaller deadwood that he deemed suitable for firewood.  As such, today I took the ATV and trailer up his new trail and loaded up.

On the way back, I took a corner too sharply on a slope, and dumped the trailer :(.  But it wasn’t a big deal to set it right and reload it.

I got the wood back to the shed without incident, and Grandpa began splitting it.

Grandpa gets right to it!

I had a number of other miscellaneous logs in the area that I had skidded last week, so I took advantage of the nice weather to cut them up into stove length and create another pile of wood “to be split”.

Note the safety chaps!
Putting my best face forward.
Longer ones I’d buck up well off the ground, as long as I could still lift them.

At lunch, Grandpa ended his workday here, and I went inside to start writing some blog posts, as well as check up on Kenny’s self-directed studies.  You can find his blog here:


Hopefully he’ll find something worth posting again soon.  He’s been so busy!

At least the woodshed is even more full than before!  Capacity – here we come!

The outer pile grows nicely!

Halfway up the door frame!

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