A Small Upgrade to the Sauna Stove

Over the course of the summer, while enjoying the steam of the sauna, I became increasingly agitated as I noticed that the wood paneling on the wall directly over the stove was getting steadily darker.

I examined it in the daylight with a flashlight and could see that it was clearly darker than the rest.  I began to imagine the wood suddenly spontaneously combusting and burning down the sauna – often my imaginings place me in it while it happened!

As such, I began to plan out how to “safen up” things.  I finally decided upon a solution:

Sorry for not taking any “in progress” pictures – but my official photographer was away at work, and I get too wrapped up in my projects some days to remember to record them.

At first I dismantled the steel that I originally had used to replace the concrete board.

Underneath, on the inside, I noted extensive charring of the edge of the paneling and beams of the sauna.  I packed this area with Roxul and am confident that they should now be quite a bit more insulated than previously when they were in physical contact with the scorching hot steel of the inner cover.

I carefully used regular silicon to “cement” a number of 4×8 inch tiles around the inner and outer perimeter of the outside cover.  Inside, I just did a perimeter around the outer perimeter.  The inner one was covered by the original steel.

Then, with Kenny and Grandpa’s help, we replaced the steel covers, and inserted new through bolts (to accommodate the thickness of the tiles) and bolted everything together.

I shimmed some tiles here and there with nuts or washers if the steel plate didn’t sandwich down on them completely.  I purchased the cheapest tiles I could find, and through dumb luck, I feel that they match the shade of the wood very well!

The inside view.  Perhaps I should cut off the bolts?

And outside – a really close match in colour, don’t you agree?

Here are a few pictures of the finished product – I’m much more confident that I have diminished the damage the hot stove is doing to the cabin now.  Next up will be getting back to doing the trim work.

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