An Update on our Northern Ontario Koi Pond

My solar pump is still going (strong?  Well, perhaps not strong…) and keeping the pond aerated enough for the goldfish to have flourished, after a fashion.

I’m going to call them koi.  I think they are not officially koi, but this is an unorganized township, and I can call them whatever I want (except for chom choms, that’s been taken…)

Enough chit-chat though, today while I was down at the pond, I realized that they were no longer scattering in fear at my approach, and that gave me a good chance to examine them a bit more closely.

I paid $3.00 in the spring for the extra deluxe pack of 15 goldfish.  For the past few months, we have never seen more than five.  I suspect some untoward things happening to the missing ten, but I never saw any bodies…

Grandpa did point out that he saw a very large, very happy garter snake skulking around the pond midsummer, so perhaps it was enjoying my sushi buffet?

In any case, $3.00 for five rather large fish seems like not such a bad deal now.  Kenny and Donna and myself often enjoy the excuse to get outside the cabin when we are feeling a bit stir crazy.  Keeping tabs on them has become a regular part of our routine.

We will see if I can get them to overwinter though…  I feel it’s unlikely, but I’ll make the effort.

You can see them congregating at the shore.

The four most social I guess.

Still hanging together.

A bit more close up.  They look much larger in person!  I like the reflection of the nearby pines.

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