Removing the Ashes from my Baker’s Choice Stove

After previously updating the stovepipe with a cleanout T, and then using the SootEater to clean out the stovepipe, I decided to literally (a proper use of the word) allow the dust to settle.

Today after doing the dishes and starting the laundry (and making the bed and cleaning the spare room), I didn’t feel I had time to do a “project” around the homestead before Kenny and I left to do some paid work.

Instead, I felt that it shouldn’t take hours to remove the ashes that were awaiting me in the bottom of the stove.

I found the tub that I had washed my hands in while cleaning the stovepipe, and brought that inside.  With the help of the cleaning “hoe” supplied with the Baker’s Choice, I opened the front port under the oven door, and began dragging the ashes through it and into the tub.

I filled the tub quickly, with not too much ash flying up into the cabin, that was nice, as I didn’t have an assistant holding the vacuum for me.

First tub full.

With the first tub full, I took it outside and dumped it onto a bare spot of ground a bit away from the cabin.  I returned, and half filled a second tub, which got the same treatment.

And then the second one maybe half full.

With most of the ash pulled out, I decided to stick the ash vacuum right into the access port and give everything a final going over.

Spooky landscape under the oven!

And a better picture right to the back of the stove.  Looks clean enough for me.

It was quick work to replace the cover, put away the vacuum, and now I’m ready for the burning season.  Probably very soon we’ll be putting on our fires again – this morning when I got up it was down to about 18.6 in the cabin – it’s warmed up about a degree since then, but I don’t think we’re going to get any more warm enough days to offset the nights that are dropping below 10.

Hopefully I can get to some of my other small chores before the snow flies!

Bonus picture of a 24′ log I brought in for future projects.  I’ll have to cut it down to 18′ just to get it on the sawmill!

And I guess we still have iron in the water it seems.

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