Continuing to Fill the New Woodshed. Moving and Refurbishing the Old Woodshed.

Things haven’t been terrifically exciting here on the homestead the past couple of weeks, so I haven’t felt like I had much to post that either of my readers may be interested in.

One thing that was really uplifting news was that one of my readers, CW! from our church underwent successful, life changing surgery!  That’s really great to hear, and we were all happy to get that news.  Hopefully when we are back down that way at Christmas, we can get together at the Homestyle and he can take full advantage of our turn to pay – without his leash!

Otherwise, Grandpa is still plugging away nearly every day to cut and split more dry wood to go directly into the woodshed.

Very nearly full!

Yesterday though, I was able to pitch in briefly to help Grandpa dismantle and move the old lean-to style shed that was recently emptied, and stood beside the new shed.

It was a good shed while it lasted.  Now only memories (and some steel roofing) remain.

We removed the roof, then the main structure, and carried them over close to the sauna, where we re-connected them, and then Grandpa leveled it.  He then went on to add a front wall to close it in even more, with just enough room for a person to enter and exit with some wood.

The new sauna supply shed.

Now we’re just down to one more shed that’s already been partially cannibalized to be removed – then we’re fully committed to the new arrangement!

Soon to be dismantled.

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