A Windows Tip – SendTo Recursively.

Not sure how many people will actually find this useful, but I just realized it myself, and it’s pretty helpful.

I find the “right-click – send to:” option immensely helpful, but also like that it can be customized.  I am often organizing and reorganizing files and folders, and find myself cutting and pasting to the same directories 80% of the time, and then a new directory for a month or two…  Today, as I hit up the run box (Windows – R), and then entering the sendto directory (shell:sendto), I tried something new.  I went up a directory, then right-clicked and selected “create shortcut”.  Then I cut and pasted the sendto shortcut BACK into the sendto directory.

Light bulb!  Now I could right click on any shortcut, and “send to – send to!”.  This lets me quickly and easily add to the right click options.  Awesome!

Nota Bene:  One must only use this feature on shortcuts.  If you use it on the original directory, you will copy the whole directory into the sendto directory – certainly not what you would really want.

Enjoy it for what it’s worth!

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