Continuing Work on the Woodshed

At this point in construction, we took a break to travel down south to visit my family in the Kitchener Waterloo area.

The road trip down went smoothly, as we took the route we traditionally followed, and stopped mostly in places we’ve visited before, with the exception of one gas station that appears to have closed down recently, and so Kenny was forced to pee on a secluded part of their driveway ;).

We met up with Nana and Papa, with a bonus encounter with Aunt V!.  That was a nice surprise, it’s always great to see more of my family.

Soon we headed out to Laurel Creek Conservation Area for some rest and relaxation in the outdoors.  Kenny quickly acquired skills in ladder ball, and my brother C! and friend B! came to help us enjoy our time here.

How can you enjoy camping without a campfire?

Papa’s game building efforts paid off!

I purchased a new laptop to help facilitate my growing interest in coding again.  I’m trying hard to learn Java, but it seems to be taking longer with this old brain of mine.  At least Kenny is showing a keen interest too, so perhaps we can be study buddies going into the future.

It was very rewarding seeing Donna able to connect with a number of her friends on this trip.

We also got to be treated to lunch with our friends C! and J! from church – it was really nice to see them again.  They are about to embark on the adventure that comes with moving to Toronto for a few months – it’s always a challenge to live in interesting times.  I’m looking forward to keeping the Homestyle tradition going with them this Christmas.

Papa let me work on my cardio by asking me to dig a hole for him.  That made me realize that yes, they have very nice soil there, but no, it isn’t soft loam all the way down.  After the first few inches, it was hard packed clay, soon to be mixed with broken bricks left over from the construction of their home.

Too deep for me to reach the bottom now.

Of course, we also headed down to Dundas to visit with my Grandma.  In February she turns 100 years old!  It was really rewarding to hear her talk about her boat trip to Canada and early adventures here.

Looking great for 99!

For the first time in a few years, our trip down coincided with the summer BBQ at Aunt S! and Uncle J!’s.  It was really, really nice to enjoy their hospitality and see Aunt P! and Uncle J! too, who always host Christmas.  Uncle J!’s wine and Aunt P!’s beans were a real standout.

Ladderball makes another appearance!  Go Nana!

We got to fellowship with my brother C! and his wife A!.  He and I (and B! and Papa and Kenny) went out for our usual He-man club and had two tables divided between the sexes.  Donna reported that it was a good chance for her and Aunt A! to make an even better connection.

Sadly, we had to return home, but not before having a wheel bearing replaced at the last minute by Humphries in Waterloo – I can’t sing their praises highly enough.

The trip back was also equally normal – albeit warm, what with our air conditioning in the car not working this year.  We stayed at a new place this time around – the Chicken Shack Motel.  It was the best positioned place for our driving itinerary, but I must admit that I was also sold on the name.

Upon returning, it was time to continue on the woodshed, wherever possible.  The steel for the roof had arrived, and I picked it up the day after we got home.

Grandpa and I raised the rafters into position, and held them there with some temporary braces, followed up by 1 by 4 strapping.

Rafters up!

Then I built and installed more “rafters” for the overhang.  These I screwed directly to the walls of the shed, and as described previously, they won’t be supported on their outside edge.

And the overhang…

On these rafters I added more rows of strapping,

Now with strapping.

Then, with Grandpa’s help, I put up the steel on the roof of the main structure.  I did this first, rather than the more normal approach of working from the overhand up to the peak.  I didn’t want to stand on the overhang when it didn’t have support on that outside edge.  I’m *pretty* sure it would support my weight, but I also didn’t feel a need to test it that much.

I impressed myself by screwing the ridge cap down.  At first I was pressuring Grandpa to do it, as he has a stomach for heights that I can only envy.  But I said I’d give it a try, and toughed it out to the end.

Overcoming my fear of heights!

The day after that, I started on the overhang steel.  I was able to install one side on my own, proving that it is possible for me to finish it, given enough time.

Grandpa helped out on his own by levelling the ground around the woodshed – that will make it nicer to walk around and stack next year’s wood supply there.  He also began splitting wood and piling it inside – after Kenny and I had added some more pallets for a floor.

It’s really coming together.  I’m actually feeling a little confident about my wood supply this coming winter!  We’ll see how close it comes to filling up once I can really focus on that aspect of things.


2 thoughts on “Continuing Work on the Woodshed”

  1. How are you getting back into coding? Khan Academy doesn't have Java but it does have JavaScript and Python if you and Kenny are interested in it.

  2. I started with Udacity Android, but halfway into the intermediate level, I figured that a better foundation in Java would be immensely helpful. I've got an ebook for Java that looks pretty good, but for now I've been working my way through Bucky's youtube java videos. My old brain finds it much harder to pick up nuances that aren't expressly explained, but I'm trying hard.


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