Installing a Solar Power Fountain in our Pond

Soon after we first had the pond dug out, I purchased a tiny, floating solar panel and pump that were all in one unit, and did an interesting job of spritzing water into the air while the sun shone.

I can’t fault this little gadget, we have left it in the pond every winter where it has frozen solid for a few months, and each spring, it has come back to perform its duties.  I have lifted it out from time to time to clean the filter, but by and large, it has been a reliable friend.

Unfortunately, the tiny spritzing that it does has failed to do much in the way of aerating the pond.  I was hoping that with a little circulation, the pond could become a bit clearer and less of a haven for mosquitoes.

In that light, I recently ordered a larger pump with separate solar panel.  It arrived about a week or so ago, and on the first sunny day, Kenny and I installed it.

I placed the pump underneath the dock Grandpa had made, so that it was well submerged, but not resting on the murky bottom.

Then I installed the solar panel at the base of one of our spruce trees overlooking the pond.  Finally I went in search of some sort of pipe to let the water run out of and fall into the pond.  I felt that falling water would do a better job of aeration.

Instead, I found a rusty piece of angle iron and had a “lightbulb” moment.  It looked much more in tune with nature than any sort of plastic or even metal pipe could have done.  I carried it down to the pond and pushed it into the softish soil around the tree roots.  Then I piled rocks around the base of it, using them to hold the outlet pipe in position above the groove of the angle iron.

Stepping out from the sun, I could see the water working its way up through the nylon hose until it reached the iron trough and ran into the pond.

Looks perfect!

It was music to my ears!  So much so that since then I have added a few goldfish, with plans to add a few more for visual interest as well as auditory.

My official Goldfish assistant
After letting them acclimatize, time to set them free.

Definitely enjoying the whole thing now!

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