Adding Stone Wool / Roxul Insulation to the Attic.

Now that the ceiling in the cabin is complete everywhere, I got to thinking about how most homes insulate the highest point in the house by adding insulation to the floor of the attic space.  In our case, we had spray foam installed right to the peak of the cabin, and as such, I was reluctant to involve anything that could be construed as a second vapour barrier.

Of course, in our climate, it’s also hard to discount any opportunity to add insulation that one can find.

We had insulated the sauna and floor of the cabin using Roxul insulation, so it was a natural choice in my mind.  It wasn’t as itchy as fibreglass insulations could be, it apparently was a pest deterrent, and most importantly to me, it could breathe.  This would mean that humidity could pass between it and the attic.

I purchased a few batts and with some moaning and groaning, got them installed upstairs.  Two bundles had managed to do just slightly more than half of the attic space.

I reluctantly purchased two more batts, and then had the bright idea to cut the access to the attic large enough to accommodate them.

Got a good helper on this one.  He was careful to take a position where he could fall on soft Daddy and insulation in case of emergency.
Expanding the opening really pays dividends here!
Kenny wanted to check out the scope of the job.
Trying to take care of my lungs.
Halfway done!  Looking good :).
All done!  I wonder if this should be a private refuge…

It was a simple enough matter to finish off the remainder and the attic looks so nice and clean that I’m very reluctant to begin storing much stuff up there.

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