Our Bathroom Tap Arrives!

Our bathroom tap finally arrived a little while ago and I have to admit that it was exciting to finally get that phase of things completed.

Once again I dismantled what had gone before, which wasn’t that big a deal as I hadn’t cut anything to size yet, and as you may recall, the old tap was just jammed on top of the pipe and hanging above the sink.

I removed this old tap, lifted the bowl entirely out and attached the new tap.  It was interesting – this one was identical to the one which I had ordered for the kitchen – a single lever controlling the flow from one pipe.  Unlike the kitchen one however, this one arrived with a small red button on the lever indicating (to me) hot water.  The original kitchen one arrived with a blue button.  It makes no difference to me, but I guess there are occasions where you may want one or the other.  Ordering from China, and with no option to pick, you likely have to take what you can get.  It’s still a perfect tap for our purposes.

Mounting the exciting, new tap!

I fitted the sink back into place, and siliconed along the edge where it met the vanity.

Clear silicone along this edge should suffice.

I tightened up the water pipe under the tap and turned it on for a first trial.  Yuck, the water had clearly stirred up some of the iron with which we are profoundly blessed.  Luckily it cleared quickly.

Not everyone can claim to have running cola in their pipes!

Looking good down here!

Then I taped off the sink, mirror and acrylic back (side?) splash.  With some judicious use of white silicone and a talented index finger, I managed to make it look like it belonged!

Nice, straight lines!

Mounting the door closed in the sawdust/shavings/peat bucket and really gave everything a finished look.

The door will hide the bright orange duff bucket.

I then had the inspiration to cut down the good section of my original counter top, and mount that on top of the rack I had fitted in beside the vanity.  Now we would have a good amount of storage space, as well as a place to set down our toothbrushes :).

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The hand towel also doubles as a curtain to hide our unmentionables…  (Which are actually just Donna’s hair care products and equipment, in case you’re wondering what’s actually there.)

A shelf for a glass of water, and a little space for a spare towel.  Perfecto!

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