A Bathroom Remodel

Whelp, my cool bathroom sink idea didn’t really pan out as I had planned.

In spite of four coats of varnish on the wooden top, mildew soon appeared around the rim of the sink and tap, and slowly began to creep outwards.

I put up with it for as long as I could, but finally had to admit to myself that a wooden counter in a bathroom situation wasn’t going to cut it, at least in that particular configuration.

Not as easy a removal as I hoped – I ended up rotating the entire counter around the pipe to unscrew the tap!
Yep, looks like a clear case of mildew.

Luckily Donna and I had managed to discover a tiny porcelain sink and vanity in the interim, one which would fit our space very nicely.
I ordered it up and a week or so after arrival, I found the time to begin the installation.  Of course, after I had already emptied our main water tank and cut off the drain to replumb it, I discovered that I had purchased a 2x2x 1 1/2″ sanitary T, rather than 1 1/2″ all around…  I texted Donna and asked her if she could pick one up, and I decided to skip my Judo class that evening.

Ahhh, another Surecraft Plastics splash guard!  Good thinking!
I’ll just cut this right here.  May as well, not ready for plumbing yet!

Donna arrived home to a simple meal of various leftovers, while I set to work installing everything.  Fortunately this phase of things went reasonably smoothly.

Now, gluing on my nemesis – the sanitary T!
And assembling the AAV.
Wrapping a hot towel around the poly pipe makes it much easier to remove and install fittings!

With it all hooked up, less the tap (which I had decided should be the same as the kitchen – and is still on order), we pumped just enough water to fill the water line.  No leaks!

I then sent a bit of water down the drain.  It was noisy, but again, no leaks!

Kenny is confirming the no leaks policy I’m trying to implement.

One change I made while redoing the drain in the bathroom – I added a P trap.  The consequence of this (to my mind) would be that I would need to vent that drain.  Thus I installed an air admittance valve, AAV, or cheater valve…   I also plan on adding one in the kitchen, as we are getting a fair bit of gurgling and suction in the kitchen drain when the washing machine is pumping out its water.

Looks good from this angle.

I set up a small shelf for toiletries, and managed to wrangle things so that the sawdust bucket should be able to fit under the sink and behind a door – nice to get some stuff out of sight!

And stocked with toiletries already!

Now we wait for the new tap and see how well it performs as a bathroom fixture too.

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