An Idea For Hanging Art – Using up Some Plastic Lattice

I’m not sure if I’m just weird, or perhaps there are others out there like me, but I hate putting holes in my walls unless I really, really have to.

Maybe it goes back to my days as the proud and nervous owner of a sailboat, where “through-hulls” were to be avoided wherever possible, as they always presented a real danger of sinking your investment as quickly as any torpedo.

In any case, it’s held me back from wanting to hang much artwork in the cabin yet.  I do appreciate that artwork is probably non-negotiable to many people, so in principle I didn’t have anything against putting in the required hardware, but I preferred to try to keep it somehow flexible so that we could change up the art once in awhile.

Probably feeding into this idea of rotating artwork is the fact that we have a child who can often become prodigious (or is it prolific?  Or profligate?!) at generating master-works.

Enter some leftover lattice from my sauna floor experiment!  It did take a bit of digging out from under the snow, and then I sat it in the sun to dry, but fortunately that was one of my sunny days, and it dried very quickly.

Nice and dry, with a hint of a wave that hopefully will smooth out over time.

I first put up a piece in Kenny’s room.  Two cup hooks, some small binder clips, and he was set!  Much nicer than when he (gasp) was using scotch tape to tape his pictures directly to his wall.

Perfect for a youngster to hang up his favourite artwork!

Then in the main cabin, I put up the other piece, this time with three cup hooks to ensure it could support more weight.  This time I festooned it with a few small s-hooks, and then hung up our framed art and photographs.

Looks like a good spot!

I like how it turned out.  Three hooks in the wall vs. many, and it lets us easily arrange the pictures to our hearts content!

Okay, okay, I know they aren’t all level – this was a quick test run to see how it would look up there!

Alright folks, will anyone link to this post via Pinterest?  Or will I have to try to figure out how to do that myself?

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