Happiness is… A Solar Panel Array Cleared of Snow!

Is that my thumb in the picture?!

 Gosh it is gratifying to have cleared solar panels…  When I know that there is a few little chunks of snow or ice blocking one of my panels, I get all worked up about the (honestly significant) loss in efficiency!  I sleep better knowing that these guys are all ready to go for me at the drop of any cloud cover.

When we returned from southern Ontario, the panels seemed to have partially melted and then re-froze.  That was much more annoying and difficult to clear than just regular fluffy snow would have been.

I could sweep off most of it, but then had to rely on a sunny day to melt the remainder.  It’s really surprising how even at twenty below, full sun can melt snow and ice on a black background!

Now, if only I could find a way to harness the power lost in that gap between Sweep Pmax and Output Power…  Lithium batteries would go a long way in that department!  Maybe by the time these old lead-acid ones are ready to be put out to pasture, the lithium technology will be evolved enough to make it palatable.

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