AGM Batteries for Everyone!

One experience that we’ve had more than our fair share of has been jump starting various vehicles.  Our first and second winters were a lesson in finding which vehicle was able to start, and then using it to jump start the other(s) until all were running.

Last year the Echo needed just one too many jumps for my patience.  I headed down to KC Automotive and had Kyle put in an AGM battery for us.

In case you aren’t sure what that means, an AGM battery is an “absorbed glass mat”.  Instead of free flowing sulphuric acid between the lead plates, the battery has a fibreglass type of mat with a gellied type of acid.  This helps prevent the battery from freezing in winter, and gives it much better cold weather performance.

Since the installation of this, the Echo has been starting just fine for us.

After returning from the sunny south, I had to plough out access for the vehicles.  The snow was deeper than I expected!

Still 500% better than doing it with the tractor!

I then decided to try to get the truck going as past experience has shown that it isn’t wise to let the vehicles sit for a week or two in winter without running.

Annoyingly, the ignition simply clicked while the dash lights dimmed.  Dead – and this after the battery got a clean bill of health this fall!  Anyway, I brought up the Echo, and used it to jumpstart the truck.

I left the truck idling for about twenty minutes, then pulled it forward, ploughed behind it, and then as I was backing it in again, I stalled it.  Of course, it wouldn’t start.  Rinse and repeat the Echo jumpstart.  I went inside and left the truck idling another half hour.

I shut the truck off, and restarted it without issue.  I crossed my fingers that it was okay, but alas, the next morning, again it was all clicks as I was leaving to go to the hospital for more x-rays.

I stopped at Canadian Tire and picked up one of their Optimum brand AGM batteries – normally I would have let KC Automotive handle this entire operation, but I needed the truck running, and they were closed over much of the holiday break.

Installation was a snap, and the truck has started up quite nicely ever since.

So far, if you can’t, or prefer not to have a plug in heater – I’d highly recommend the dependability of an AGM battery.  Now if only they could get the price down to the point that I could use them for the cabin!

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